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Sep. 15th, 2011


Playing Around On Polyvore

Made a Polyvore.com collage for Michiru ^.^; It was fun. Eventually I'll get around to making a real post. Overall, things are going great. The move in was epic, settling in is going well, and now I just need to find a job >.<

(click the photo to see the full image, the mirror was an awesome find :) )

May. 15th, 2011

lethal brain

Writer's Block: Say goodbye to Kansas, Dorothy

Actually, that would make a lot of sense. I'm a living study in the longterm effects of childhood medically induced PTSD.

If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

Mar. 16th, 2011

stand back

Just Checking In

Things have been going pretty well recently in my new real-adult-life. I'm still working on moving all my stuff in. I'm living in our new apartment, but a bunch of my stuff is still upstairs in my Mom's apt. I'm working on moving it down in chunks which is going pretty well in terms of not overloading our place with boxes and stuff.

Work is going well. I still enjoy it, and like the people I'm working with. They've been keeping me on the register more recently, which is cool. I like interacting with customers, but it also means I just stand around sometimes in between orders. I prefer to stay as active as possible at work, but so far it hasn't bothered me too much. The fact that we can both get food at work, and I usually bring my food home, has helped a lot with not spending a ton of money on groceries. We went out for a coworkers hookah party last week, which was great. It was still kind of divided into Team Primos (me and one coworker) and Team MedGrill (almost everyone lol), so we're hoping to hang out again and encourage people to mingle a bit more. It was so much fun. In hindsight, staying out until after 2am and then working a double the next day may not have been the best plan lol but it was worth it. After that I came home, then got ready to go out again for another party until 3am, so by the time Sunday rolled around, I crashed. It was such a fantastic weekend though, I didn't mind the lack of sleep. I'm really enjoying the scene in Philly, and have met some really fun people. Realizing that I do actually have the confidence to show up to events that I'm interested in and meet new people has been great. Having someone to go with helps immensely, but I'm still impressed with the development.

Not really sure what else to update on... I'll be redying my hair again soon. I've decided I should start working on my Princess Tutu cosplay soon, while I still have access to Pem Studio for photos. Lots of other cosplay plans mulling around, but I figured since I have such a great space to shoot that one in, I'd start there. And I'm watching it again right now since Kathy hasn't seen it, which is fun. Also, Princess Jellyfish is still being fantastic and adorable.

I haven't been online quite as much due to working and moving, and hanging out in the evenings, but I'm still here! Promise :)

Jan. 17th, 2011

Measured Pointe

Response to follow at some point

Haven't written anything in a long time. Life has been crazy, and very far from good, but at least some real world necessity things are coming together. Passed my class, have a temp job, place to live, long term job interviews lined up.

I feel like I should write a response to Black Swan. So much to write about. It was amazing. And so true. Too close for comfort in some areas, but that just made me love the movie even more. I broke down several times during the movie, but it was worth it. If you haven't seen it, do so right now. Right now. I think I'll write later. I'm exhausted right now, and since I loved it so much I want to do it justice. It really hit home with me personally, as a ballerina with an inferiority complex and stress problems, and reminded me of several friends who were pushed literally to the physical breaking point by company schools. They can't dance anymore. I worried about one of them being pushed to the emotional breaking point as well. She was so competitive, and was pushed so hard by her Mom - in everything, not just ballet. Anyway, very long response may be approaching. I may go see it again so I can write when it's fresh. Once I stop sobbing again. Bringing tissues this time, ugh.

What did everyone else think of it?

Aug. 23rd, 2010

Measured Pointe

Fandom Luuuv Meme

Stolen from demeure <3

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

Aug. 10th, 2010



Speaking of doing an alt Neptune cosplay...



Also, I might have a commission to make a woman's wedding dress! She wants a variation of Kahlan's Dark Confessor dress in green and purple.

Aug. 5th, 2010


Random Update of Cosplay and Cupcakes.

Ok, so there aren't actually cupcakes, sorry about that. But there could be! I vote for a cosplay cupcake party when we all get back.

I miss my senshi girls!!! Like whoa. I'm happy to hear you guys had a great Otakon :D And I'm totally up for Anime USA, I just have to see about the financial situation. Especially if it's Steampunk themed, I'm so there, I'm actually already there. Time travel.

So, cosplay!

I have to get back to work on my BAMC, now that my fingers have recovered a bit.
Also! My Chii and American McGee's Alice costumes have reappeared! And with Alice 2 coming out, it's perfect timing!



I should really finish these before starting anything for Anime USA. Maybe I could wear Chii one day. I'm dying to wear my fuku again... and there may have to be steampunkified Sailor Neptune... or at least Michiru... Something from Kuroshitsuji seems fitting too... I need to watch/ read more. I absolutely love it, but I stopped due to actually needing to write my thesis. I LOVE some of Ciel's outfits... then there's Doll... and Beast *fans self*

Jul. 21st, 2010

stand back

Productive Day!

Finished my Namine commission!

Got my industrial!

It was awesome!! It was spectacularly painful, but still not as painful as I thought it would be. Had to go by myself, but I was ok. I don't think my Mom wanted to go with me... might have something to do with almost breaking her hand when I was younger and had to get blood drawn. I dunno. The piercer was awesome and made me feel more like I was doing yoga than getting holes punched in my ear. He remembered me from when I went to him to get the ball put back in my earring last summer. One of his apprentices was there watching, and she was really nice. Apparently we have the same jacket.

Jul. 19th, 2010


Costuming Insanity

Working on the Namine commission for Adrienne's friend, and scrambling to finish my Mother Confessor *runs in circles and combusts*

Sooo, I probably should have been medicated for all this, but I've been enjoying this whole actually eating food business far too much. I will have to start taking it more often if I'm going to finish though. Bleh.

The Namine dress is pretty simple, so that shouldn't be a problem. The only challenge is the scalloped hem, and getting them even. I am nervous about it fitting Kim, since I won't have time to fit it on her before Tuesday. Here's hoping the crazy measurement-sizing ordeal worked out...

Badass Mother Confessor... oh man, so much to do!!
Current dilemma is that the woman at the fabric store misheard me and only gave me 1.5 yards instead of 2.5 yards. Well, crap. Since I didn't go back right away, they are now out, and I'll have to check other locations.

The Dreaded Far-Too-Long To-Do List
* finish sewing the leathery lacing onto the second sleeve by hand and lace it (which takes foreeeever, and is mostly what I've been doing up until now, along with fussing over the pattern)
* sew the details and finishing onto the cuffs of the sleeves
* attach sleeves
* make hood and attach it
* sew on piping
* sew lacing onto the back
* make any fit adjustments
* make ohshitcorset (Which entails many steps of its own, and will have to be done with *sob gag* plastic boning for now. May redo it later, Kahlan deserves steel)
* do all the topstitching on the corset
* get 7-8 yards of lacing so I can lace myself in (and figure out how to hide it so the BAMC doesn't have a tail)
* make the metal details and figure out how to attach them
* find more fabric!! >.<
* make epic skirt of sexiness
* add the scalloped triangle edging (yes, they are scalloped, damn you wonderful HD screenshots!!) and the lacing
* find my boots and make bootcovers with sheaths for daggers
* find my silver dagger and try to acquire a twin at least for pictures and showing off later
* make replicas of hilts for Comic Con
* make belts
* get used to not using my arms very much, vinyl is not flexible

Ooooh gods, this is going to be a tight one. I shouldn't have procrastinated so much, but at least I have until Friday. And really diving into this would probably be good for me.

Jul. 15th, 2010

lethal brain

Holy Shit!

I submitted a short paper I wrote in Greek History... No idea how valid their analysis is, but damn.

I write like
William Shakespeare

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